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Not Your Average Take-out

A lot of people might see Snack Mania and think "just another Brazilian restaurant"- When I look at Snack Mania I see family.

Businesses like these define the true meaning of the American Dream. The coxinha being a traditional Brazilian snack, its great to see other cultures and nationalities bring such delights to the melting pot that is the USA.

My experience with #snackmania is a unique one, being not only a customer but also one of the staff members that drives to improve the working environment and customer experience. Throughout my time here I've learned a lot from working experience to life lessons taught by the older staff. I would recommend anyone who wants to experience a piece of the Brazilian culture to give it a try, Snack Mania is the ultimate gourmet snack.

We have a menu that holds no boundaries and is always developing along with the business. Here at Snack Mania we take customers opinions and critiques seriously and improving is something that is always on top of the agenda. As the business grows there are full intentions to also grow the menu. Ideas are endless and that adds a sense of fun to the whole dining experience. Never knowing if you might wake up with a new item you can order. Along with that we as a business are one of the only ones who produce and sell coxinhas the way we do. Being able to select from 2 types of sizes (Bites and Party) as well as customizing the flavors within your order, absolutely sensational. They even set-up the quantity to perfectly fit your level of celebration, whether you're rewarding yourself or hosting a big event.

For other businesses that see an opportunity to be our

100 Units of Doce de leite mini-churros

representative we also offer great Whole Sale (Frozen) prices. Customers can also buy our frozen snacks and fry them at their own convenience, and that's what takes Snack Mania a step further, as people can buy these, store them in the freezer and just consume when wanted, storing the rest for next time.

As you might of heard through out your life time "Never knock it, till you try it". I invite anyone to come down to Snack Mania and try a bite, or even ordering online through either, Grubhub, Uber eats, and also Yelp Eat24. With a new location opening in Newark, NJ we are also looking to add a more restaurant feel for the ultimate dine in experience, as well as looking to further our reach for deliveries in neighboring cities.

Together we are always working to improve Snack Mania and push to provide the customers with the best quality food we can at a reasonable price along with a easier food experience everyone can enjoy.



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